The eService Portal is a web-based tool for the management of administrative and accounting relations between the business functions, suppliers and customers of Eni Companies. It provides services including invoicing, electronic storage, publication of documents, e-factoring, and corporate data management.
Registration to the eService Portal enables access to services dedicated to the employees, customers, and suppliers of Eni Companies.
Users from Eni Companies who use the same details to access the company network can request technical assistance from the ICT Service Desk (02 520 50). Users from companies outside of Eni can request support by sending an email to the address eservice@eni.com.
You can access the link “Forgot your password?” in the Portal login box. The system will send you an email with a link to set a new password.
A userID is blocked if an incorrect password is entered three times in succession or if the eService Portal has not been accessed for more than 180 days. If this occurs, Eni company users can contact the ICT Service Desk (02 520 50). External company users can send an email to the address eservice@eni.com.
By accessing the eService Portal, you can:
  • Request the assignment of a credit, upload issued invoices and check the position for companies which adhere to Eni factoring.
  • Upload onto the electronic storage system online documents for which there is no automatic integration between the system producing the documents and the storage system
  • Consult electronically stored documents
  • Access notifications relevant to you, for example, payment notices and invoices issued and received
  • Consult commercial documentation
  • Some general features are available for all the companies, while other more specific features can only be used by Eni, certain subsidiaries, and some customers and suppliers who have specifically requested them.
    Complete usability of the features provided in the Electronic Invoicing Portal is guaranteed for the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Chrome 31
  • Firefox 38

  • Apple
  • Chrome 31
  • Safari 7
  • Please refer any problem encountered on the eService Portal of a technical nature or relating to the accuracy and completeness of the data displayed, to the following service email addresses:

    Suppliers of Eni Companies:
    Customers of Eni Companies:
    For problems relating to the electronic storage service
    For problems relating to the eFactoring service