What is it and how do I sign up?

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What is it?

The simplest way to access a wide range of online services at any time, such as:
  • Dematerialization and multichannel forwarding;
  • Uploading of invoices online for the suppliers of Eni Companies which are not integrated into the Electronic Invoicing Portal
  • eFactoring services and assignment of online credits
  • Electronic storage, consultation and massive downloading of documents
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    Who is it for?

    The eService portal is for company employees, customers, and suppliers of Eni Companies, who use it as a tool for working and managing relations with Eni. The Eni companies that have chosen to operate using electronic tools have signed up to this channel, to be used as an operational support in administrative tasks, which is always available and increasingly open to paperless management solutions.

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    How to sign up:

    To request access to the services supplied through the eService Portal, just complete the registration form and send it to the email address: UPLOADWEBFORNITORI@PEC.ENI.COM. All parts of the document must be completed and a valid email address must be specified for each user requiring access to the portal. It's quick and hassle-free. We just need your personal details and those of your company and an indication of the service you wish to be accredited for. You'll receive a login and password for direct access to the channel.